Pauper Gauntlet competitor: Goblins by pocketsinsideout

There is no number for Goblins, because Goblins is going to run the Gauntlet on Tier One Day. On August the 18th there will be a 7+ hour stream when all the Tier One (and decks slightly below that) run the Gauntlet one after the other on

I will be using pocketsinsideout’s Goblin list and sideboard plan. I have used it for a few months. I am having problems with Goblins, being 5-7 with the deck (42% match win) in practice. I do not blame that on pocketsinsideout. It is just my own lack of experience with the deck.

Here is the list

Land (18)
17 Mountain
Teetering Peaks

Spells (10)
Chain Lightning
Death Spark
Lightning Bolt

Creatures (32)
Mogg War Marshal
Mogg Raider
Mogg Conscripts
Goblin Sledder
Goblin Cohort
Goblin Bushwhacker
Goblin Arsonist
Foundry Street Denizen

Sideboard (15)
Gorilla Shaman
Smash to Smithereens

The sideboard plan

Affinity: +2 Gorilla, +3 Smash,
-2 Chain Lightning,-1 Death Spark, -1 Mogg Raider, -1 Arsonist (not sure here)

On the draw: 2:16 PM [b]pocketsinsideout[/b]: on the play i would cut 2 chains2:16 PM [b]pocketsinsideout[/b]: on the draw 2 raiders
1:31 PM [b]pocketsinsideout[/b]: if i’m playing a version with hoverguards and the white flyer
1:31 PM [b]pocketsinsideout[/b]: then i’m keeping more burn on the draw

Burn: No sideboard

Delver: +4 Pyroblast, +2 Smash to Smithereens, +2 Electrickery
-2 Chain LIghtning, -2 Fireblast, -2 Denizen, (Not sure about the Denizens. If no Spire Golem, keep smash out)

DelverFiend: +2 Pyroblast, -2 Death Spark

Elves: +2 Electrickery, -2 Fireblast
1:36 PM [b]pocketsinsideout[/b]: elves is our best mu

Familiar storm: +4 Pyroblast, +4 Raze,
- 1 Denizen, -1 Raider, -3 Chain, -3 Sparksmith

(Stay agressive, which is why we take out Sparksmith)

Goblins: + 1 Deathspark, +2 Lifestaff, +3 Electrickery, +2 Gorilla Shaman (if he has Lifestaff)
-2 Chain Lightning, -3 Sparksmith , -2 Fireblast, -1 Bushwhacker

Hexproof: +2 Electrickery, -2 Sparks, +4 Raze, -3 Spark Smith, 1 Chain LIghtning

Infect: +1 Death Spark, +1 Sparksmith
-2 Fireblast

Izzet Post: +4 Pyroblast, +4 Raze,
-3 Chain, -3 Sparksmith, -2 Death Spark

MBC: NO board

Mono-blue Stormpost: +4 Pyroblast, +4 Raze
– 1 Raider, -4 Chain, -3 Sparksmith (Keep Death Spark in for the faeries)

MUC: (seems really hard) +4 Pyroblast, +2 Smash
-4 Chain, -2 Pyroblast

Random aggro: No board

Stompy: +2 Trickery, -2 Fireblast

UB Trinket Control: +3 Smash, -2 Chains, -1 Death Spark

UG Stormpost: +3 Pyroblast, (Look at the izzet board)
-3 Sparksmith,

UG Simic Temporal Fissure Storm: Same as izzet post

WW: +3 Smash, +2 Trickery
-3 Chain Lightning, -2 Fireblast

2:02 PM [b]pocketsinsideout[/b]: WW used to be HORRIBLE
2:02 PM [b]pocketsinsideout[/b]: but it’s got better

2:05 PM [b]pocketsinsideout[/b]: the hardest thing to get used to is when are you the beatdown
2:05 PM [b]pocketsinsideout[/b]: because it changes quite regularly vs other aggro decks

2:06 PM [b]pocketsinsideout[/b]: i’ve lost more matches than i care to remember from making mistakes about when i’m the beatdown

Videos of Goblin matches

Goblins vs Affinity

Goblins vs Goblins

I play Affinity vs pocketsinsideout who plays Goblins

I play Goblins vs Bava, who is playing Elves

Goblins vs MUC

More Goblin knowledge

Here is a well-written Swedish created primer on Goblins:

Episode 2 of the podcast is about Goblins as well with Gabo and Grusbus. Check it out. It is still relevant.

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4 Comments on Pauper Gauntlet competitor: Goblins by pocketsinsideout

  1. In my experience vs. affinity, all 4 g.shamans are needed to truly “SLAM DUNK” the matchup. Again, having a ‘toolbox’ sideboard is folly imo. You can’t draw, so you better have 4,4,4,3.

    • I just learnt that from your FB-page :-) I will bring your points to pockets attention when I see him. He is the builder. As always, I am just the agent. I play too many decks to make any changes to them myself, I just trust the deck creators that spent more time looking into the decks.

  2. I enjoy goblins as theme decks too, and not always building it to achieve good results in a tournament style in pauper and other formats.
    Anyway, those goblins cards that search your library for any goblins are nasty with bushwaker, and suddenly all have haste and you’re in deep trouble in ronnd (4-6). :)

    • Goblin Matron? The podcast referenced at the end of the article explains quite well why Matron is not playable in Classic Pauper (short version: way too slow)

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