Competitive Pauper Cast Episode 2 – Delver

This week in our second episode of The Competitive Pauper Cast: Dan, Chris and I go over DelverBlue, talk about the Meta Game, enter the pauper dome!, discuss if Slivers could become a thing, and then wrap it up.



ALSO! We need someone to make us a show logo! You can email any attempts to


Streaming: [mp3-jplayer tracks="CPC-Episode-2.mp3" captions="Competitive Pauper Cast Episode 2 - Delver!"]


Links that we discuss (Pauper Gauntlet)

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14 Comments on Competitive Pauper Cast Episode 2 – Delver

  1. I am looking at you, Bava!!! (for the show logo) :)

  2. Also, this is an article me and Chris wrote about playing vs. Izzet Post with Delver:

    • thanks. We still have plenty of improving to do but I like the direction we are heading! When do you think we can get you on for a guest appearance!

  3. Nice work.

    Like this?
    [URL=]CPC Logo[/URL]

  4. Does this link work?

    CPC Logo

  5. What happened to the elevator/70s porn music? The audio overall seems a little questionable, but not super bad

    • I dropped the intro music for now until something agreeable can be found lol. yeah idk if it a problem with recording from skype with you guys because when I do my own recordings it sounds fine, and when I do like voice overs of like twitch or youtube they come out sounding good as well.

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