So we heard you like podcasts? Updated 7/15/2013

Update! 7/15/2013

Thank you all for the feedback and name suggestions. I have compiled the top few name suggestions for the cast and have put them in a poll below. Please vote and we will decide on the name from there. Also to follow up on some additional things.

  1. Through some more testing and purchasing some better recording software I have corrected the audio volume issues. I still have to do a test run with Dan and Chris but it seems to be corrected for now.
  2. I will change the intro music to no longer sound like you have accidentally stumbled upon a porno podcast. Im not sure what it will be changed to but I think Chris will have some suggestions for us
  3. The podcast will be hosted in three locations. I will be posted here on the list just like we do for Pauper to the People. It will also be part of the MtgCast network and I hope to get approval for the itunes podcast channel.
  4. There will be a weekly segment named the Pauper Dome, where we will discuss the match up of two specific decks at length. Thank you Greystone for the suggestion.
  5. There will be no podcast for this week (7/15) but there will be one for next week (7/22)

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After very little deliberation and even less planning, we MTGOstrat have decided to put together our very own podcast! It doesn’t have a name, it doesn’t have a weekly schedule but what it does have is a drunk viking, a MTGO super grinder, and the most incredible podcast host ever… Chris, Dan and I have made our first pilot episode and we are inviting you to have an early listen and give us some feedback.

The main focus of the podcast is to be a more “Spike” oriented pauper podcast, to improve not only our game but to help you improve yours as well. We will be taking a look at the Pauper Meta game, going over the top tier decks, discussing which deck would best be played versus the current meta. As well as bringing on guests whenever we can to discuss the decks that they have been playing and doing decks techs with them. We will be touching on what it takes to Go Infinite on MTGO and discussing how setting specific goals for yourself and achieving those goals.

Have a listen to the cast below, and be sure to let us know what you think. Since the podcast is also un-named at this time we are looking for suggestions for a name. If any of you know us well enough or just want to throw out something totally crazy, put it in the comments below. I’m going to take the top 5 suggested names plus maybe a few more and then put this post back on top of the page and let you vote on the name!

Streaming: [mp3-jplayer tracks="podcast-pilot.mp3" captions="MTGO presents the Un-named Cast Episode 1"]

Thanks for listening and please put all suggestions, comments, and feedback below.

Don’t forget to drop us a name for the cast


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45 Comments on So we heard you like podcasts? Updated 7/15/2013

  1. The only thing I want for sure for the name is it must contain “Pauper” somewhere in the title. That way if people are browsing MTG casts they find us. A few random names I’ve thought of:


  2. The prince the pauper and the viking.

  3. “The prince, the pauper and the VIking” is a very beautiful name.
    Who is the prince and who is the pauper?

    My own proposal would be “Pauper Spikes” or something boring like “Competetive Pauper”

  4. Pauper Power
    Pauper Spikes is good & I like The Prince, the Pauper and the Viking.
    World Series of Pauper
    Pauper Nation
    Pauper Players

  5. Excellent podcast guys – a joy to listen to.

  6. I really like the on mic fart sound around 00:34.

  7. The Pauper Gauntlet? (podcast name)

  8. Nice 70s porn music, Will :)

    • So many crazy sounds in the background … we need to get rid of those

    • Lol that’s exactly what I told Will, who then informed me that it was Daft Punk. The background noises were probably my 7 month old kid mostly. I had arranged a nice quiet time with my wife to take care of him while we did the cast, but long story short she HAD to find something outside in the storage shed. That definitely won’t happen again.

    • boom chikka wow wow

  9. I like a good alliterative name, like:

    • The Competitive Pauper Power Hour, or;
    • The Proper Pauper (or Improper), or;
    • The Pauper Chop Shop, or;
    • Paupertop Podcast.
  10. Or if you keep the 7-month old around on a regular basis you could call it Spikes with Tykes. ;)

  11. Pauper’s Globetrotters?

  12. Try to balance the volume levels, one of you was quiet and the other two were loud (comparatively).

    Bad with names… but probably have pauper in it somewhere for searchability.

  13. That was an awesome Podcast Guys! I suggest some names like:
    Spikey Pauper: A Spike’s look at Competitive Pauper.
    Pauper Tech: A Spike’s World.
    Pauper Viking Spikes!

  14. I still like My suggestion of Pauper-dome!

    “Two decks enter, one deck leaves!”

  15. Is this going to be hosted on MTGCast?

  16. paupertothepeople // July 13, 2013 at 8:39 pm //

    This means war!!!!!


  17. Spiking Pauper with the Viking

  18. I just want to be clear that if we can’t fix the audio problem (which we probably can even though we spent more time trying to fix them before than we did recording the actual podcast), we run a very real risk of not being able to do this

  19. Keep the intro music!!!

  20. I have a recommendation for the show. On so many insane plays whenever a new set comes out they don’t do a full set review, instead they pick out a few cards and decide how many copies of a given card will be played in the next few tournaments. Then when the next set review comes around the figure out who was right. I’m not sure how easy it would be to keep track of the numbers in dailies, but i’m sure you could figure something out along these lines. The current pauper to the people format of going through each individual card isn’t the best for an eternal format.

    • We will not do set reviews for Classic Pauper. Depending on how much we will be about Standard Pauper, I could see doing a set review for that, but overall I would be happy to not have to do more set reviews. The Insane Plays method seems fine

  21. Although I’ve already voted, after listening to the latest pttp podcast I would like to suggest the perfect name for the mtgostrat podcast . . . . drumroll please “Pooper Pauper”!!! :-P

    “Now quit playing with your pooper and start playing pauper” my new favorite quote.

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