Pauper Daily Event 6044677 with UB Trinket Control

The first Pauper event after the Dailies got cancelled (downtime went on for too long). Then I played the second, 0-2 dropped and after that I was unable to schedule any more Dailies this week (four hours is a lot of time to set aside with a wife, a job and children) but then I woke up too early this morning, at 04.45 (I am quite the morning person) and figured I could play in the 05.30 am Daily (most of the Daily Events are on very inconvenient times for Europeans).

This was the post-ban changes for Trinket:

That results in the following deck then:

Land (21)
Terramorphic Expanse
Vault of Whispers
Dimir Aqueduct
Bojuka Bog
Barren Moor

Creatures (20)
Augur of Skulls
Trinket Mage
Fume Spitter
Crypt Rats
Chittering Rats

Spells (19)
Grim Harvest
Sign in Blood
Diabolic Edict
Undying Evil
Sylvok Lifestaff
Tragic Slip
Executioner’s Capsule

Sideboard (15)
Crypt Rats
Spinning Darkness
Chittering Rats
Deep Analysis
Geth’s Verdict
Nihil Spellbomb
Sylvok Lifestaff

A random rant

After careful consideration I moved this to the end of the article so I did not steal all the attention from the tournament itself.

There is some serious ranting at the bottom of this article, but I feel that I have to use more than 140 characters to answer those tweets.

The tournament

My first match was against Affinity. He was not very lucky.

I did write an article about playing against Affinity here:

My second match was against Delver. This is generally a favorable matchup (Fume Spitters and Tragic Slips help a lot against the early Delver and we draw many more cards than they do) but if they godhand us they have at least 25-30% chance of winning. Stopping the ninja is paramount. What makes Delver a tier one deck in the format is its ability to just godhand anyone more often than any other deck.

The third match was against an unlucky Elves player. Elves is Trinkets best matchup right now. He did not enjoy this match.

The final round was against Delver again.

Overall I was quite pleased with this result. As a slightly below average Pauper Daily Player (I average about 0,45 QP per Daily over a substantial sample) I have less than 25% chance to 3-1 or 4-0, so I am always happy when I do.

The tournament
Oh, btw, I am ranting in the videos too. Skip the first few minutes till gameplay begins. Sorry about that. This really got to me.

The random rant – what got me upset on Twitter today
Don’t read this if you are not interested in my reaction to the drama Jsiri84 and E_hustle is stirring.

After registering I learned the following things about myself on Twitter (they reference the “10 Cards most likely to be banned in Pauper next time” video where I talk about what cards could be banned, if any, in the future – you can find it on

Jason S. ‏@jsiri84_mtg 6h
@E_Hustle_MTG it’s just selfish & lazy bs. It is “How many cards can we ban so my pet deck can be good?” Really?

I am not sure what video he watched. That was clearly not what I said in the video. I don’t have Pet decks, but Trinket is a deck I believe in right now and have experience with, that’s why I play it. My pet deck, if I had any, is probably Love Train at this point. I don’t see how Trinket would have a better game against anything if Ghostly Flicker and Cloud of Faeries were banned. Trinket lost to Temporal Fissure itself, not Cloud of Faeries (which can be killed)

The reason that the list of possible bans were similar to the february list is of course that the power level of the cards have not changed much.

Jason S. ‏@jsiri84_mtg 11h
@E_Hustle_MTG @nerdtothecore I’m not sure at what point #mtgpauper became the corner for brewers in denial, but we are officially there.

I think brewing in itself is partly denial, but that is what is fun about it. Modern and Standard probably has as much of it. Brews are fun. I do not think that every brew can win Daily Events.

Alex Ullman ‏@nerdtothecore 7h
@E_Hustle_MTG @jsiri84_mtg “Very serious discussion about [Crypt Rats] being banned.” No, there was discussion, but it wasn’t serious.

- I corrected this. I thought there was, based on what I remembered from Alex’s interview with Pauper’s Cage. I also apologized for saying this. I was not around at the time.

Alex Ullman ‏@nerdtothecore 7h
@E_Hustle_MTG @jsiri84_mtg some people feel compelled to put out content regardless of relevance.

Sorry about that. I thought it would be a fun thought experiment to look at what cards could possibly be banned in the future, as I happened to be right the last time and that video had 600+ views, so obviously someone was interested. Would you be happier if I did not create Pauper content?

E. Hustle ‏@E_Hustle_MTG 6h
@nerdtothecore @jsiri84_mtg I just don’t get why noncompetitive players feel the need to bring up bannings for a format less than a week old

I don’t know what it takes to be competitive in Eric’s world. Lets see.

* I think about Magic all day
* I play the Daily Events
* I get results (so far eight 4-0s and 20ish 3-1s)
* I do a podcast about competitive Pauper
* I do walkthrough videso with players that … well, he hates Deluxeicoff too, so that doesn’t count. Though I think he should respect Power_T for doing 7 years on the Tour
* I won the national championship in my country
* I played at two World Championships
* I was on the Pro Tour (I actually declined to go to the very first Pro Tour because I thought it would not “be a thing” – yeah, that was pretty stupid)
* I was the main writer for the biggest Magic magazine in Scandinavia (Centurion, for those who remember that)
* I was ranked #13 in the world, which was what got me invited to my 2nd world championship..

Sigh. Its not enough for the elitists apparently. Maybe I should just play other formats where you don’t get bullied.

I wonder how many people that counts as competitive in his world. If it pleases you, Eric, I am prepared to admit that you are a better Pauper player than I am, as is jsiri84. You are both probably better magic players than I am at this point overall, as producing content is distracting (I did better last year). That is OK. People can be competitive even if they are worse players than you.

Sorry for this rant. It just hurt my feelings a lot. I am too soft-hearted, I know, but I wish people could just get along. It might be a Swedish thing. We are into consensus and love when everyone is getting along. The Pauper community is so awesome that I’d like to be a part of it.

I also learnt that I had not thanked Jsiri84 for his contribution to the bannings of Temporal Fissure and Cloudpost and his idea of Child’s Play. We shout him out every episode of the podcast and I think I have thanked him 21 times now. Anyway, here is #22: Thank you, Jason. Getting Temporal Fissure and Cloudpost banned and getting the children $1000+ was awesome. Thanks.

Also, for the record, I had decided that I had to let Jsiri84 and Eric (E_Hustle) go from this site as they intimidated and bullied writers and video makers that they did not feel were competitive enough, even writers that clearly labeled themselves as “Casual”. After receiving several complaints, I talked to them, but it did not really help. I wish them all the best in their future projects and the Daily Events, but I can not subject people who use their time and energy to produce content for you viewers to that kind of schoolyard behaviour. Being rather intelligent, they actually foresaw this and quit on their own, which made things easier.

Sorry for ranting. I had to get it off my chest, though. I almost quit Pauper a month or so ago (notice the small amount of videos on the youtube channel) because of the hate (i wont go into more details right now as I have been ranting enough) did not make it fun anymore … and, strange as it might seem, I play Pauper and creature Pauper content because I think it is fun.

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51 Comments on Pauper Daily Event 6044677 with UB Trinket Control

  1. Don’t let them get you down. You’re the one capable of making a popular MTG site.

  2. First of all, Dan mate, congrats on the daily result. You can run yourself down all you want, but your *are* an above average player and your experience with trinket warrants some success, I think. Whether or not you are a “competitive” player appears to depend largely on the personal opinions of whichever player describes you – I would consider you semi-competitive but perhaps to full-time grinders you would not be. Take no heed, would be my advice. Some people you may never convince, and some people may not be worth convincing.

    Secondly, I am glad that you’ve brought up the backlash against your banning video. I was just about to ask you whether your could post an article about it, because I’d like to discuss it and I don’t think I can do so effectively on twitter or youtube.

    I do understand the point of the video. Attempting to identify some of the potential problem cards in Pauper does have some merit. Please bear in mind that one of the criticisms directed at the Pauper community in general by Jason S (and, to be fair, I agreed with this particular sentiment) was that not enough people raised the issue of Temporal Fissure. Indeed his article on this very website attacks Alex Ullman for not taking a strong, competitively oriented, stance on Fissure. I definitely think that facilitating discussion on the health of Pauper is much better than ignoring potential problems.

    Having said this, I also sympathise with Jason/Eric/Alex somewhat, in that it may not necessarily be a good look for the format to ban two cards and then immediately have people talking about how more cards need to be banned. I’ve often heard of Modern that any good card immediately “gets the ban hammer”, and I don’t want people to view Pauper like this. You speak of the negative effects of WOTC “crowd sourcing” ban decisions, and yet complaining about the power level of certain cards with little or no metagame analysis is exactly what creates this problem. Although I can see that most of the criticism directed at you stems from a misinterpretation of the video, I do think that perhaps you should have waited a few weeks before making it. Also I think you could have been more clear about which cards you think *realistically* could be banned next time, rather than just providing a top ten list. A discussion of one or two ‘problem’ cards, followed by a discussion of a top ten ‘most powerful’ cards (and how they affect powerful archetypes) perhaps would have been better. Again, I know your video did explain this, but I think it would have been better to be a little more clear.

    As to the actual content of the video, I agree that CoF is probably the most likely card to be banned next time (if indeed there is a next time), but it is certainly not ban-worthy as of now. MTG is *not* a balanced game, and some cards are always going to be far more powerful than others. This is the biggest flaw in the game, but is also what enables it to become self-sustaining in the marketplace. It is therefore very difficult to criticise certain cards for being overly powerful unless you can also point out the effect they are having on the playability of other cards. A cursory glance at the comment thread of Jason S’s article will demonstrate that a card like Temporal Fissure can completely warp the metagame despite being included in only 25% of the winning decks. CoF, although rather broken, does not yet have this effect, at least in my opinion. Just because a card enables the creation of infinite mana does not mean that it is necessarily overpowered. The nature of combo decks, after all, is to abuse certain cards to create an overpowered (and often unexpected) effect. Unless you want to ban combo decks altogether (and I think there may be a case for this, but it is not something that needs to be discussed right now), complaining about ‘enabler’ cards is not helpful.

    I really hope that I have not annoyed either mtgostrat or the leadership of Team DBC by writing this. I’d like to think that I have a foot in both camps, and that I can see the merits in the approaches that both are bringing to the creation of Pauper content. I can absolutely see why there has been a bit of a divergence, but I do not see why there has be to be continued hostility. Maybe its just a cultural thing as you point out (I’m not Swedish, but I’m Kiwi and I think we have similar values), but I’d like to think that conflict can be avoided. Everybody has their own niche, and it’s difficult to criticise them for it. Nevertheless I will reiterate what I’ve said before: It is extremely important to think critically about things, but also to consider where other people are coming from.

    • Thanks, Mawk. Actually I am almost exactly an average player with Trinket, getting results about 25% of the time, playing Dailies at a very moderate 1,2 ticket profit per daily.

      I was about to post an article at my new writing gig – I am now not only writing for mtgostrat and puremtgo but a third site, but now I don’t dare as I don’t want my first articles there to be hated on. I will probably not talk about Pauper at all on that site initially.

      I wanted to do the video immediatly, just to follow up on the February video. It was premature, but that was the point as it was a prediction (much like MSP’s pauper metagame video) and predictions are cooler if they are very early. I want to stress that I don’t think any card will be banned in Pauper any time soon. The videos is about the next time, whenever that next time will be.

      I could definitely have been more clear.

      I listen to Mark Rosewater’s podcast and he has explained why Magic needs overpowered cards .. but he has also specifically mentioned Cloud of Faeries (or at least the mechanic) as an “error” that will not be repeated.

      I doubt you have annoyed anyone. I think you wrote a very clear and well writter statement about what you thought and I just wish that everyone in the Pauper community could communicate their opinions in such a civilized manner.

      Thanks again.

  3. There are people that think being competent is an excuse for being unfriendly. But those are never the best loved ones. You, Dan, are friendly, open-minded and competent.
    Also, nice brag there. But you shouldn’t have done that. Showing off always feeds the trolls.
    I like your channel and that you are playing dailies again is great.

    So steel your soft heart warrior and keep on fighting the evil horde of human aberrations.

    • Yeah, the brag was probably out of line, but I wanted it off my chest. I have a hard time coming to terms with the fact that I got the elitist treatment when it never happened to me when I played Magic at the highest level.

      Thanks for your support, Philipp.

      I will probably play less Pauper in the upcoming weeks. The Modern Noob starts on Monday and when I do Modern videos the hate comes from anonymous trolls, not people that were my clan mates and that I thought were my friends. Being able to play Premier Events again would be nice too.

  4. Well It’s certainly a pity that some people can’t or won’t make their status in a community without looking down on others. The ability to make a point or express an opinion in a respectful way should be paramount for anyone and I think this is the case.

    Agreeing or not with a video, a post or a podcast is, obviously, 100% legitimate. Going personal is not. I think that you efforts towards building strong, useful and enjoyable content are totally obvious. I don’t think a single video that someone finds inappropiate or unnecessary (no one’s forcing anyone to view it or take it as sanything else that one person’s opinion)is a solid reason to throw dirt on hundreds of hours of work in podcasts, videos and posts.

    Being a great player and a “competitive” ace does give credit towards expressing your point on something you master. But respect, tolerance and good sportmanship is what really makes the difference between a sharp grinder and a true excellent player in this and any sport.

    Dan, your Pauper content is greatly appreciated. The fact that you chose a friendly and non-excluding way of interacting with the Pauper community is a definite plus for me and, more than probably, many people who follow your content.

    There’s always people who need to constantly call for attention. The best thing you can do is just ignore uncalled trolling and disrespectful remarks. Unfortunately in this game there’s lot of people who think being a good player is just a matter of being technically good, forgetting that in any competitive sport, good sportmanship and respecting the opponent also plays a pivotal role.

    Keep up the great job!

    • Thank you, Alex. You put my thoughts into words better than I do. Therefore I will repeat them:

      Agreeing or not with a video, a post or a podcast is, obviously, 100% legitimate. Going personal is not. I think that you efforts towards building strong, useful and enjoyable content are totally obvious. I don’t think a single video that someone finds inappropiate or unnecessary (no one’s forcing anyone to view it or take it as sanything else that one person’s opinion)is a solid reason to throw dirt on hundreds of hours of work in podcasts, videos and posts.

      I spent 12 minutes doing that video, four hours playing and recording the Daily Event (as so many people have requested) and another four hours doing Pauper Gauntlet stuff, but it is the 12 minutes that Alex Ullman finally notices out of all the Pauper content I have created this year.

  5. Oh Dan!
    I guess being the swedish Morgan Freeman(as you are said to be :P) includes making tons of movies(videos). I believe Morgen Freeman also got some criticism for a good amount of his movies(seriously, he is like in every 2nd movie!!). But in the end I guess the most important thing about Magic, competitive or not is about having fun even if one can easily forget about that when focusing too much on winning/pleasing everyone.
    Hope this is not too much of a random post and just wanted to proclaim, that I am a fan of both Morgan Freemans(or Freemen?)

    • Thanks, Modin. I’d happily be Morgan Freeman and do one video too many if I just don’t have to have the freckles :)

      Magic is a game. The point of a game, to me, is to enjoy the play experience and the community. If I wanted to play really super seriously, quit doing videos and just focus on my game, I would probably be better off going back to poker where you actually earn significant money for what you do (if you are good). But it is a grind and not very fun. And for the record, I am a big fan of Morgan Freeman. Did you see the South Park episode where they made fun of him?

  6. BTW, does anyone have something to say about the Daily itself? :)

    • Hi Dan,

      Thanks for the content. As a casual (though old-school) player who is considering being more competitive, it is great to see you posting videos of Pauper dailies.

      You asked for feedback on your play. I didn’t really notice any major play mistakes (at least that you didn’t notice yourself in the video). However, based on the situations you lost in maybe a slight change to Trinket is in order?

      In order for Trinket control to better interact with the Delver deck, I would consider finding room for Snuff Out. It’s been performing very well for me. Maybe replace two Tragic Slips (or a Slip and a Capsule).

      Alternatively, I would be interested in seeing what the removal of Trinket Mages does to the deck. Do you still feel they pull their weight in the deck (outside of being its namesake)?

      Thanks again for the content, Dan. Looking forward to more duels!

      • Another thing to consider is Undying Evil. It has the potential to be really broken when combined immediately with Mulldrifter/Augur, if the conditions are right, but it also opens you up to potential blowouts, and it makes for a bad topdeck when you’re digging for answers.

        Have you tried Unearth in that slot? It makes your threats slightly more resilient to countermagic, and cycles in a pinch.

        It’s certainly not a clear decision, but I felt it was worth discussing. With the meta changing, it’s probably worthwhile to look at every card again and reassess what it does in the deck.

      • Actually, we pretty much crush Delver. We have the stats to prove it. Delver is not a hard matchup compared to Stompy. But sometimes there is just nothing that can be done. We have considered Snuff Out, but the life loss just hurts too much. Tragic Slip is much stronger as it does deal with so many of their things without costing 4 lives. but I will run this by Power_T to see what his opinion is.

        Unearth is much slower than Undying Evil and does not really do what we want it to do.

  7. I don’t understand why people are so upset by your ban choices. I mean, don’t they understand that broken cards ruin the format? If a card is broken, it WILL be abused, that’s the nature of Magic. And the more people know how to abuse it, the more people will build the same decks. Pretty soon there would be no diversity and then this will be a format like all the others, where everyone plays the same 3-4 netdecks. I love Pauper because of the diversity, there is so much room to grow and diversify your decks, so many options, combos to use. And the only reason MUC and Delver are so prominent (blue decks in general) is BECAUSE they have so mane broken cards to choose from. IF some of those cards were banned (hopefully some are) then those decks wouldn’t be so dominant and people would have to look for new brews to dominate the meta. And isn’t brewing one of the most fun parts of Magic itself? To me at least it is. I’m not an amazing brewer or anything, but I like to find combos and build decks around them, like the old days.

    The lack of diversity is why I don’t really like Standard, Modern or Legacy as much anymore. As I said, everyone plays the same decks, the decks that dominate the meta. It makes Magic monotonous and, well, boring. Seeing the same old cards being played. Pauper still has that magical feeling (no pun intended) of making you wonder “what card is he going to play now?” or “Wow, haven’t seen that card in years.”. If broken cards and decks are not “fixed”, then those expressions will be few and far between.

    On a side note, the haters claim you’re trying to get your “pet deck” to the top, but I think they’re worried about their own pet decks being ruined. They like exploiting broken cards and fear that they are not able to brew competitive decks without them. Just my two cents.

    Bottom line, don’t let them get to you, Dan. Use their hate as fuel to light your fire even brighter :)

  8. Trinket is a nasty deck that will always have game vs. anything with creatures in it. Well done in tourney too!

    Fitting the “E-J” drama starts with the first two letters for “EJECT!” ;) Now they only need another hateful soul that starts with “R” to be complete. Using ‘elitist’ is a stretch, I know they like the term, but it really only fits Mezzel – and that’s in a positive way. Seriously, what a terrible legacy/history to leave behind for those much negativity:content/playing ratio.

  9. Also – consider if you ONLY Played trinket for the last 7 years…you’d be pretty amazing at it right? ;) The best way to combat EJ plague is to totally ignore/not support it. I haven’t even been to the new site, nor will I ever. Their signal:noise ratio is already about 1:9 – and if you prevent/don’t support their hateful signal – the only thing left is’ll be a good day when the lapdog and bully realize they are just writing for each other.

  10. That article, “Pauper Experts and their 15 Minutes of Fame”, was already too bitter, but this thing is even more bitter. E. Hustle and Jason Siri forget that Pauper is a game, and in the end, the main purpose of it is fun. I don’t think Pauper needs this type of behavior, we don’t need more division in the community. I don’t think that being “competitive” justifies, in any possible way, aggresive attitudes like that.

  11. It is great to know that the community out there is reading and appreciating the content all the writers on this site work to produce.

    Thank you for showing that support!

    And Endbringer is so very right, at the end of the day it is a game, and games are supposed to be fun. That’s why we are all here, to have fun!

    ~ Greystone

  12. Power_T replied about the deck suggestions for Trinket: 2 Snuff Out instead of 1 Tragic Slip and one Capsule might make the deck a little better against delver, since life points is not so very important against them (usually it is all about the ninjas). I am not certain. I am certain that the change would make the deck worse against most other aggressive decks though, since the life points then matter more. As for Unearth, it is true that it is sometimes better than Undying Evil, but Undying Evil is better most of the time. Simple as that! Someone also suggested taking out the Trinket Mages. I do not understand the reasoning behind this but I am strongly AGAINST such a move

  13. First off. Well done on the result! It shows that you can do it, and have what it takes to be ‘competitive’.

    It’s hard to play many, many brews, to a good standard such as yourself. The video content you publish comes with a high level of showing hoe well you know the games basic principles. As Deluxeicoff mentioned ‘consider if you ONLY Played trinket for the last 7 years…you’d be pretty amazing at it right?’ You could reach a very high level of finishing daily events in 3-1 and 4-0.

    You seem to choose to showcase what pauper has to offer from all over it’s history and future. This is a HUGE benefit to the community. Everyone can learn from this.

    I think understanding the game as a whole is a lot more important than mastering one deck, it’s something that shines in you.

    I would like to thank you and everyone on this site for your comments on my work.

    We all have strength and weakness.

    Keep it up!

  14. I just had a quick question:
    In your various matches, you made several comments about being concerned about time, and being ahead of your opponent in time.

    Were you just worried about timing out? Or is there a special thing with MTGO and time?

    Thanks! Also congrats on the daily!

    • There’s a match timer, just like in competitive chess. Each player has a set amount of time before giving up match loss, so in very grindy matchups the winner can occasionally be determined by who DOESN’T spend all their time.

    • Yeah, I am always concerned about time as losing to time is something I never want to happen to me again. I am probably giving away too much edge just to stay ahead on the clock. If I have less than 16 minutes left after the first duel I am really stressed about it. If I am two minutes behind my opponent, I freak out. And if I have less than 8 minutes left on the clock after the 2nd game, I am 100% super nervous. I have lost to the clock on time only once, to newplan playing MUC against my Trinket, in a Daily Event, but I have won 40+ tournament matches by timing out my opponent, so I feel that my strategy is working (but I might be overdoing it)

  15. I’m thinking to come back to Pauper after this videos… I’m starting to be comfortable on Modern right now, but Pauper is always in my mind…

    I don’t want to comment anything about that people, I think that ignore them is the best way ;)

  16. It should be BjornOfTheGods, no?

    • That could be my next account. The original idea was to play the Born of the Gods prerelease in January using this account, but now I probably wont play it as I am trying to stay away from Limited (other than 4-man M14 drafts because they are good enough EV)

  17. Geez, haven’t logged in here in the last few months, and so much happened. Not going to churn out the same batter about elitism, you gotta have a thick skin to be part of any magic community :/ Such is the nature of the internet.

    Well done on the daily. I took a long hiatus from MODO, only to find out the bannings happened and overall im sure this is a good thing for this format. Keep posting awesome stuff, ill be hitting your email shortly with some questions

  18. If it makes you feel better, Dan. JSiri lost to a WatchRites deck a few days ago…

  19. Dan, can you explain the reasoning for cutting 4 lands out of the deck? Also Read the Bones should completely replace sign in Blood at this point don’t you think? It gives you powerful card draw and selection for virtually the same cost.

    • I would not cut sign in blood for read the bones. Putting 4 3-mana cards in for 4 2-mana cards would completely mess up the curve of this well-oiled machine. 3 mana is a lot in classic pauper. I often Sign in Blood into removal to survive. One of the strengths of Trinket is its ability to deal with early threats (thus we use Fume Spitters and Tragic Slips instead of Coumbajj Witches and Doom Blade). Read the Bones seems very slow. I talked to Power_T about it and he rejected the card too. I might do some testing with 1 read the bones. I might end up cutting Chittering Rats or Undying Evil for it.

      One big argument is that we are a blue deck and we could use Compulsive Research if we really wanted to draw cards for 3 mana. Compulsive Research is a much stronger card than Read the Bones. In fact, no blue deck should probably ever touch Read the Bones

  20. Ah NVM i found the four missing lands!

  21. My question for you Dan: can we delete JSiri’s big pauper rant? It was the most popular page on the site until a few days ago when Love Train got really popular, but I feel that that is not a good representation of what our site has to offer. We are here to provide competitive and casual content for the Timmies, Johnnies and Spikes out there, not to hate people.

  22. Hi, i’m starting to play this deck and have some questions, maybe some of them answers themself by just playing more but…

    Maybe I understimate Chittering Rats, but it don’t seems to me so important to have two sideboard slots. Which are the pairings for this decision?
    Deep Analisis just for long control pairings like mirror or MUC?
    Is it worth to use Geth’s Verdict instead of, for example, victim of night just for Hexproof-Decks? And, in that case, why Geth’s Verdict instead of Devour Flesh (to avoid not-BB issues)?
    Sorry for the bad English.

    • Chittering Rats are super awesome when they can both block and kill stuff and set the opponent back a card for a solid 2-for-1 (which is what this deck is all about).

      Matchups where they shine: Any aggro, including Stompy, ground-based White Weenie, random aggro decks

      Matchups where they suck: MUC, Delver

      The 2 rats in the sideboard come in for 2 sign in blood against any fast decks.

      Deep Analysis is just for control.

      Yes, doing damage to them with Geth’s Verdict is far better than giving Hexproof or DelverFiend 20+ life with Devour Flesh. The mana cost and the usefulness against burn does not make up for this. The original list by DC_Casanuda and our initial playtesting played Geth’s Verdict over Diabolic Edict in the main. It was close but in the end we decided that the mana cost of Diabolic Edict made it superior to Verdict. Verdict is far superior to Devour Flesh though

      Play the deck. It does reward practice. Also watch Pauper Walkthroughs 6 and 7 on my YouTube channel for more information about cards and matchups

      • Having said all this, the Chittering Rats and the 3rd Undying Evil are card 58,59 and 60 in this deck and the first that would be replaced (for example with Hymn to Tourach in paper pauper)

      • I’ve played a few matches against MBC, and… it didn’t go so well for one reason, in the late game I’m having a good position but a couple of Gray Merchant of Asphodel enters the battelfield and… go home -.- .
        Maybe I’m focusing the pairing wrongly, but, I think that now, because of this card, is much more dangerous to let them have a creature because doble merchant is probably a lot of damage, ¿Will it be a bad idea to side in more removal (spinning darkness?)?

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